Mis à jour : 12 avr. 2020

The most natural way to live in beauty is to select a beautiful living environment ...This is not easy and most of the time it will cost you huge efforts and discipline. But: do it !

Cleanness and harmony, attention to the very minute things will make you happy.

We love smooth light, fruits and colorful vegetables, gentleness ... Do not mess around. You may have one dress and only soap and water to wash yourself ... enough to keep you beautiful.

Do not worry about things you cannot change. Go ahead with seeking and creating harmony where ever you are. Alcohol, drugs of all kind are of no help. Rather a lot of fresh air and water, a luxury today !

Be generous to yourself but do not trust romanticism if men are implied: Their interest in the female part of the world is an egoistic one … and mostly destructive.

Build up your understanding of your needs and the needs of children and use your energy to create the humorous and kind world you like to live in … Good luck !

#beauty #harmony #cleanness #discipline #happiness

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