Si Monsieur Virus Corona se laisse encadrer, les séminaires peuvent reprendre ...

Petit Programme

(Group up to 10, as an aperitif to more for companies)

Ballet as a training, like fitness training, but so much more.
Experience what Ballet does for your body and your mind.
Especially, Ballet exercises in front of a mirror are a totally different way to experience your body. Learn how to make the mirror your best friend. Make the experience of feeling comfortable in your body.
Your image:
Dress for success. Your image should be the image adapted to your vision.
Promoting oneself.
Corps de Ballet:
Learning to bundle female and male power and to communicate efficiently:
Being one star in a sky full of stars.
At the end of the workshop there is time to discuss personal issues.

The seminar could be hold on Sunday afternoons and booked as one
unique session (3 hours) or as three consecutive sessions (3 x 3 hours).
The venue could be your company or another location of your choice.
For more information please contact.

The seminars can be held in English, French, German and Italian.