Si Monsieur Virus Corona se laisse encadrer, les séminaires peuvent reprendre ...

Grand Programme

One-Week Workshop

Sunday: Arrival at the venue, Welcome, Initial Test, Get Together

Monday through Friday: Lectures and Practical Exercices

Saturday: Questions (group), private appointments.
Evening come together.

Sunday: Private appointments, departure.


We will start every day with exercises:
Travail devant le miroir, Port de bras and Barre au sol.

• Observation: Paying attention to movements and face expressions

• Body control

Port de bras : Theory and practice

Maintien : Walking, standing, moving

Gestuelle : The Zen Theory

• Dancing is Music: Listening to Boccherini, Strauss, Jazz

Chanson de table : Airs de cour – l’art de converser à table

• Flirting, Entertaining: Men / Women - The Codes

Présentation - Styling: hair, make-up, dress-code, shoes!!!

Bonnes Manières : Speaking, telephoning, eating & drinking

Practical Exercises:
Leçons devant le miroir

• Styling: S’habiller – se déshabiller

• Mouvements:  Port de bras, Marcher, Saluer, Révérence

Danse : Menuet, Valse, Dervish

Spectacle final : Marche (présentation), Menuet, Valse

This programme will be adapted to the special needs
of your company.

Please contact.