World Wide Women Club
amazon  :  A worldwide company or ... a single-breasted wild woman.
aristocracy  :  ... of money.
Coat of arms: greed.
car-free woman  :  A woman filling up with Chanel N° 5. 

genocide  :  The worst: extinguishing cultural values. Today it's an everyday job. Just watch TV and read newspaper. And then go and eat a burger. And communicate via smart phone. We can call this also ... suicide. 

gentlemen  :  ? Where are they? -- We have cyclists instead.
meeting  :  Dreaming of women's meeting filling a football stadium. 
poverty  :  Definition: Is poverty lack of food? Lack of money? Lack of the right to imagine your own life ... 
I can imagine my life. There are no borders to my fantasy. Reality shows the borders are as hard as steel. And we have to nurture creativity to break the rules.
quota  :  We need a quota for men: There is definitely a maximum of 50% male energy needed in the world. Therefore, we have to reduce the male quota by 40% at least to be successful.
Quota (private): In private life, a woman certainly need only one man - the right man to be emotionally balanced. To be economically balanced, we need a few (or many) men more. If you do not want to be dependant on Mr Right.
suicide  :  No look, no see, no hear, no listen. Just watch any screen. 
virginity  :  A state of mind? 
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