Developing A New Attitude
Inside Your Company

My programmes are designed for individuals as well as for companies.

In the last ten years I found myself in many unpleasant situations. I was surprised about the way people behaved not only in general
but especially in positions where they had to deal with me
as a very good client.

The image of a company is a puzzle of many, many
individuals' behaviour.

Today it seems a challenge to be friendly. If you watch movies from the 1950ties, you will realize that the way people were dealing with each other was considerate, polite and professional.

Within only a few years the world turned to be a very rough place. In terms of company image, especially in the luxury business, this is a strong argument in favour of a new form of training for women
as well as for men.

We are living in a world where money seems to be the most important element. It is necessary to find a way to make money without losing all the rights and duties of a human being that is to be treated with consideration and gentleness.

Any company has an educational duty towards its employees. And vice versa, employees have a duty towards their employers and their clients.


Si Monsieur Virus Corona se laisse encadrer, les séminaires peuvent reprendre ...